Kommende arrangementer

Kommende arrangementer


International konference om receptiv økumeni

The fifth international conference on Receptive Ecumenism will continue exploring the ecclesiological reparative, critical constructive task of ecumenical ecclesiology that was introduced in the previous conferences. Receptive Ecumenism is a fresh ecumenical methodology emphasizing receptivity, learning, and listening. Since its inception, the concept has taken root in many diverse contexts around the globe. At this conference, we hope to take this process a step further as we will reflect on the transformative impact of Receptive Ecumenism as an instrument for ecclesial transformation. To which extend are the churches willing to “listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches” (Rev 2:7)? As in the previous conferences, we will have the opportunity to listen to our keynote speakers in plenaries as well as to paper presentations in a number of parallel sessions.​
Medvirkende: Cardinal Anders Arborelius OCD, Catholic diocese of Stockholm, Sweden​ Rev Dr Sofia Camnerin, Stockholm School of Theology, Sweden​ Rev Dr Mathew Chandrankunnel, CMI, Ecumenical Christian Center, Bangalore, India​ Rev Anthony Currer, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Rome​ Rev Dr Susan Durber, United Reformed Church UK, Faith and Order Commission, WCC​ Dr Sara Gehlin, Helsinki University, Finland​ Rev Peter Halldorf, The Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches, Sweden​ Most Rev Dr Antje Jackelén, Archbishop of the Church of Sweden​ Rt Rev Dr Karin Johannesson, Bishop of the Diocese of Uppsala, Church of Sweden​ Prof Paul D. Murray, Durham University, UK​ Prof Ivana Noble, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic​ Ms Aikaterini Pekridou, Executive Secretary for Theological Dialogue, CEC​ Dr Antonia Pizzey, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane​ Prof Cecil M Robeck Jr, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, USA​ Prof Risto Saarinen, Helsinki University, Finland
Læs mere her:https://sigtunastiftelsen.se/projekt/receptive-ecumenism/


Internationalt økumenisk seminar

Om seminaret:
Modern societies are pluralistic—not only in a religious sense, but in this sense as well. The three great monotheistic​​ religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in particular​​ often occur within the same countries and live together. In​​ addition, there are​​ differences between​​ groups within the​​ respective religions.​​ Classical ecumenism​​ in the Christian​​ domain is concerned​​ with denominational​​ divisions and seeks to​​ overcome them. But​​ also Judaism, Islam,​​ and even Buddhism​​ know internal​​ divisions and conflicts that separate believers from each​​ other. In particular, the internal Islamic conflict between​​ Sunnis and Shiites has been, like in Christianity’s separation​​ between Protestants and Catholics, often bloody.​​ How can conflicts be overcome in the coexistence​​ of different confessional families within one religion,​​ or between different religions in one area? Is there an​​ inner connection between Christian ecumenical work and​​ interreligious dialogue, like Islam could lead it? Is it possible​​ to learn from the innerreligious work of other religions​​ to help in one’s own? Are the methods of dialogue and​​ models of unity transferable?​​ The Seminar will seek to pursue these questions and​​ their solutions, as well as attempting to think in new​​ ways. The aim is to make an exciting attempt to bring​​ ecumenism and interfaith dialogue toward that which both​​ are committed to: dialogue. For this purpose, speakers of​​ various religions and confessions will come to Strasbourg to​​ discuss the topic in lectures and discussions.​​
Pris for seminar incl kost og logi: 750 Euro.
Man kan tilmelde sig frem til 8. april 2020 hos Elke Leypold, tlf +33 (0)3 88 15 25 75
Mail StrasEcum@ecumenical-institute.org


Ind i Bibelens bøger

I 2020 får hele Danmark en ny bibel, en mundret og tilgængelig oversættelse. Underviserne fra Wild Goose (IONA) inspirerer til, hvordan man kan bruge Bibelen på en ny måde. Konferencen består af workshops, gudstjenester, liturgier, foredrag, installation og skumringstanker. Store dele af programmet foregår på engelsk.
Arrangeret af:Kirkefondet, Bibelselskabet, Galleri Emmaus og værkstedet Gudstjenesteliv.
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