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Christmas service becomes hot political topic

Town is divided: Should school kids attend Christmas service?

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When Gribskolen, a public school in Græsted (55 km north of Copenhagen), discussed whether they should celebrate a Christmas service in the church, they had hardly expected it would become a major public affair.

But when the media reported that the school had decided it would no longer celebrate a traditional Christmas service in the local church, a national outcry was triggered. Local politicians, MP’s, and even the prime minister criticized the decision, lamenting the effect of multiculturalism on Danish traditions. Gribskolen’s board of governors, however, came out in support of the staff’s decision, reports DR Nyheder.

“The board is behind the school’s decision and its desire to create new traditions that include children and young people and help to create friendships across age-groups,” a press release stated.

“For us, it is a question of creating space for anything that binds the pupils together.”

But not all parents were happy with the decision. Defying the school’s decision, some parents took their kids out of school and went to church to sing Christmas songs. 

Kim Valentin, who at the time was the local mayor, was also present.

“I am here to point out that the school got it all wrong when they cancelled the church service. Christianity is part of our Danish culture and heritage and we should not change that. I also think it is wrong that the school did not involve the parents in their decision,” says Valentin according to Christian Daily