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Paneeraq from Attu

In the largest diocese of the Kingdom, Greenland, the 43-year-old Paneeraq Munk has begun her episcopate … Læs mere

Nordic Churches Discuss Societal Challenges in Relation to Baptism: Join 4 New Webinars Discussing the Subject This Fall

In the Spring of 2021, Churches in Times of Change held five webinars dealing with statistics, empirical and qualitative research on baptism, rituals and practice, communication and campaigns, and theological development. This Fall, the four new webinars will function as a continuation of Churches in Times of Change’s ongoing project on baptism in the Nordic region… Læs mere

Prayer for the Nation

A group of international and Danish pastors are inviting you to take part in an ecumenical “Prayer for the Nation”. Read more about the event below. … Læs mere

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