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Prayers for Ukraine fill the Danish churches 

As Russia attacks Ukraine with tanks and missiles, prayers of intercession fill the Danish churches

Service at Viborg Cathedral 

Churches across the country are praying for Ukraine by lighting candles, singing, and praying.  

The Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark has written a prayer for Ukraine for the Sunday service and sent it to the Danish churches. Read it here. 

During this difficult time, many parishes focus on comforting and supporting the Ukrainians who live in Denmark. For example, pastors have contacted Ukrainians asking if they want to use the church for prayer.

Olga Kohen, a priest in Rødby who was born in Russia and raised in Ukraine, is very affected by the situation. "There are so many people in Ukraine and Russia who are connected through family and my thoughts go to those who have ended up in this conflict," she told a local newspaper called Folketidende. She has held candle lighting services in Maribo Cathedral during which she has recited the Lord’s prayer in Danish, Russian and Ukrainian. 

The Christian Migrant Network is currently in contact with governmental authorities and the network of migrant priests in order to prepare the churches to receive Ukrainian refugees. Locally, churches are also volunteering and providing help with receiving refugees. For example, the Diocese of Viborg is working closely with 8 municipalities about receiving Ukrainian refugees in an area where several people with a Ukrainian background already live. 

"Millions of Ukrainians are under attack, but this war is not only affecting Ukraine. The war is sending shock waves far beyond the country's borders. There are thousands of Ukrainians who live in our diocese. They have come voluntarily, and they work on farms, in garden markets, or in other important occupations. They are here to ensure a better future for themselves and their families. And suddenly everything has changed,” said Bishop Henrik Stubkjær at a recent prayer service.

There are currently 16,000 Ukrainians in Denmark, but the government has announced that Denmark is ready to receive many Ukrainian refugees.