Indlæg fra konference om 'folkekirken og migrantmenigheder' 7. januar 2009
Hvorfor vi har brug for folkekirkens udstrakte hånd
Intet billede:

Why do we need an out-stretched hand from the Lutheran Church?

Ved Tony Acheampong, migrantpræst og formand for International Pastors Fellowship

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1. The conference is about people like me who have been called by God to Denmark as missionaries.

2. Danish missionaries came to Africa many centuries ago to present the gospel and I am a result of that missionary effort. The presence of immigrant pastors in Denmark is a "payback" time to show our gratitude.

3. But the immigrant pastors cannot make any meaningful input and impact on Danish society without working together with the Danish traditional churches. These churches are our host and there are many areas that we can cooperate and work together to transform the spiritual landscape of Denmark.  For example:

4. We can engage in some exchange programmes such as seminars, joint worship service, community initiatives, our choir could also sing in some of these churches and many more.

5. All said and done, there is so much that our host church can give and help us with to make our work effective and there is also so much that the immigrant churches can impact and contribute to the social, physical and spiritual well being of Denmark because there is unity and effectiveness in diversity.